Hair Care Routine

I used to have long thick brown hair I have recently cut it and we’ve been adding blonde highlights so I am on the more blonde side. So here I have my new hair care routine and some of my favorite products.

Shampoo & Conditioner//  I use the GoldWell DualSenses shampoo for blondes and highlights. And for conditioner I use the GoldWell Kerasilk Color. I love, love, love both of these products!
I wash my hair every other day or so. So on the days I don’t I use the Batiste dry shampoo. They come in so many different kinds and are truly a lifesaver.
My favorite hairspray is the CatWalk TIGI Work-It hairspray it smells incredible and works fantastically.


Love What You Do


As Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” I am so much more of a sports person than an artsy person. Yet for so many years I tried to force myself into the performing arts although I didn’t enjoy it and wasn’t honestly that good at it.

I did dance, singing lessons, acting auditions, and band. I could never remember the music, the dance routines, and was way too shy for my acting auditions. I was never enjoying myself. And to come to think of it now the reason I couldn’t improve, or match the others skills, or remember any moves was because I wasn’t truly enjoying myself.

This quote is so true because I have been playing volleyball for five years now and when I finally decided to give up on performing arts a couple of weeks into band last year I had decided to just keep going with volleyball. When the tryouts for school this year came around I often had the mind set of  “this is going to be like everything else you have done and you will fail and be cut from the team.” Although I enjoyed what I was doing and who I was surrounded with that same mind set still floated through my mind.

But I ended up making the team! My team was very supportive of each other and every practice I was excited and motivated to play.

NEVER do anything you don’t enjoy, and NEVER give up on the things you do.

xx Jaiden Kai

Keeping an Organized Closet

I’m one to struggle keeping a clean closet. One day it is as clean as a daisy the next day I can’t even see the floor. So here I have my top tips on maintaining a clean closet.

Images from-

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xx Jaiden kai

DIY Up-Cycled Overall Shorts

DIY Up-Cycled Overall Shorts

The Final Product

IMG_0951 (1).JPG

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

xx Jaiden Kai

Skincare – Clearing Your Skin

Clearing Your Skin

I went through so many trials and errors to get my skin to the point it is at now so here I have my favorite skincare products and a few tips & tricks to help you clear your skin.

 My Journey to Clear Skin


6 Quick Tips to Help Clear your Skin

Wash your pillow case often// Products from your hair or last weeks makeup you fell asleep with is all building up on your pillow case which sadly leads to break outs. Image-
Use a face mask 1-2 times a week// This will help exfoliate your skin and unclog your pores. Image-
Don’t over wash your face// If you wash your face too much you will be striping the natural oils from your skin. That’s what you want right?  Wrong. If you strip your skin from it’s natural oils it will go into overdrive producing more oils then before.                                            Image-
Remove all makeup before bed// Going to bed with makeup on will build up causing breakouts and clogged pores.                             Image-
Drink water// It is the best thing you could possibly do to help clear your skin. Image-

Keep Smiling

I know this blog is about beauty and fashion but to be honest the most compliments I get are on my smile. I often think do people really care what you wear to school? And the honest truth is nobody will think otherwise of you if you wear a dress or jeans, high heels or old converse. The one thing that they care about is your personality. I know what you’re thinking … yeah right I have heard this before.

Let me ask you this question, have you ever been in the gym and felt like everyone was staring at you? But to be honest they were too busy worrying that you or someone else was judging or staring at them to even think about you.

Your smile is the main thing people will look at or realize. I don’t mean to put on a fake one but try everyday to genuinely smile at someone and try to make their day. This could simply make them happy or do something greater.

I have seen the effect a simple genuine smile can have on somebody so many times, and let me tell you it is priceless.

Not only does it benefit others it benefits you. My volleyball season has recently ended, and when we got our awards my coach would tell us something, about tryouts, our personality, or our skill. And when she got to me she said, “Since day one of tryouts, this is what I saw” she pointed at me and I automatically smiled.

A smile is contagious and complements ANY outfit you wear so don’t ever forget to smile!

June Favorites

June Favorites

This year I have discovered many new products that have made a spot in my daily routine. So I have compiled a least of my most favorite products of June.

16 oz.  From Amazon// I know this is the basic of the basic cleansers but it is honestly so incredible. It is so gentle on sensitive skin, and is perfect for maintaining healthy blemish free skin.
6.73 oz. From Batiste// This is my favorite dry shampoo. It leaves none of that annoying residue, and comes in ten fantastic smelling scents.


0.3 oz. // I am obsessed with drip dry. It will fully dry your nail polish in five minutes. This make the long and irritating process of drying your nails a lot quicker. I have a blog post on this product from June 23, 2017.
From Amazon// I have been using Wet brushes for a while but in the summer time these things really come through. These brushes are easy on your hair whether it is wet or dry and have close to no pain when brushing out knots. They come in so many different colors and patterns. 

OPI Drip Dry lacquer drying drops (Review)

   OPI Drip Dry Review


OPI’S drip dry I would definitely recommend to anyone who paints their nails or someone else’s. It speeds up that long, boring, and irritating process of letting your nails dry. Drip dry dries the polish within 1-2 minutes of application. Although, after applying the drip dry your nails CAN still smudged or get damaged the product fully dries your nail polish in 5 minutes. It speeds up the drying time altogether and is fantastic for impatient people like me.

The product also has many other benefits such as different oils in it like Jojoba, this helps moisturize your cuticles. This product will also help the polish last longer.

The drip dry has easy application. You simply put the product into the applicator after applying your nail polish and top coat, hold a bit above your nail and squeeze the end of applicator allowing the product to drip onto the center of your nail and spread.

You can purchase this item online at for $13.50 for 0.3 fluid oz.


Summer Style 2017

Summer Style 2017

       If you’re anything like me you are totally clueless when it comes to the current “trends” so I have created for you a simple list full of 2017 summer trends so you don’t have to go trudging through the internet to find them.


Romper From-

Off the Shoulder Tops

Off the Shoulder Tops
Shirt From- Forever 21

Patterned Dresses

Patternd Dresses
Dress From- Nordstrom


Sandals From- Target

Round Cat Eyed Sunglasses

Cat eyed sunglasses
Glasses From- Nordstrom


Beach Waves

Beach Waves
Image From- Pintrest