June Favorites

June Favorites

This year I have discovered many new products that have made a spot in my daily routine. So I have compiled a least of my most favorite products of June.

16 oz.  From Amazon// I know this is the basic of the basic cleansers but it is honestly so incredible. It is so gentle on sensitive skin, and is perfect for maintaining healthy blemish free skin.
6.73 oz. From Batiste// This is my favorite dry shampoo. It leaves none of that annoying residue, and comes in ten fantastic smelling scents.


0.3 oz. // I am obsessed with drip dry. It will fully dry your nail polish in five minutes. This make the long and irritating process of drying your nails a lot quicker. I have a blog post on this product from June 23, 2017.
From Amazon// I have been using Wet brushes for a while but in the summer time these things really come through. These brushes are easy on your hair whether it is wet or dry and have close to no pain when brushing out knots. They come in so many different colors and patterns. 

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