OPI Drip Dry lacquer drying drops (Review)

   OPI Drip Dry Review


OPI’S drip dry I would definitely recommend to anyone who paints their nails or someone else’s. It speeds up that long, boring, and irritating process of letting your nails dry. Drip dry dries the polish within 1-2 minutes of application. Although, after applying the drip dry your nails CAN still smudged or get damaged the product fully dries your nail polish in 5 minutes. It speeds up the drying time altogether and is fantastic for impatient people like me.

The product also has many other benefits such as different oils in it like Jojoba, this helps moisturize your cuticles. This product will also help the polish last longer.

The drip dry has easy application. You simply put the product into the applicator after applying your nail polish and top coat, hold a bit above your nail and squeeze the end of applicator allowing the product to drip onto the center of your nail and spread.

You can purchase this item online at Amazon.com for $13.50 for 0.3 fluid oz.


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