Keep Smiling

I know this blog is about beauty and fashion but to be honest the most compliments I get are on my smile. I often think do people really care what you wear to school? And the honest truth is nobody will think otherwise of you if you wear a dress or jeans, high heels or old converse. The one thing that they care about is your personality. I know what you’re thinking … yeah right I have heard this before.

Let me ask you this question, have you ever been in the gym and felt like everyone was staring at you? But to be honest they were too busy worrying that you or someone else was judging or staring at them to even think about you.

Your smile is the main thing people will look at or realize. I don’t mean to put on a fake one but try everyday to genuinely smile at someone and try to make their day. This could simply make them happy or do something greater.

I have seen the effect a simple genuine smile can have on somebody so many times, and let me tell you it is priceless.

Not only does it benefit others it benefits you. My volleyball season has recently ended, and when we got our awards my coach would tell us something, about tryouts, our personality, or our skill. And when she got to me she said, “Since day one of tryouts, this is what I saw” she pointed at me and I automatically smiled.

A smile is contagious and complements ANY outfit you wear so don’t ever forget to smile!

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