Skincare – Clearing Your Skin

Clearing Your Skin

I went through so many trials and errors to get my skin to the point it is at now so here I have my favorite skincare products and a few tips & tricks to help you clear your skin.

 My Journey to Clear Skin


6 Quick Tips to Help Clear your Skin

Wash your pillow case often// Products from your hair or last weeks makeup you fell asleep with is all building up on your pillow case which sadly leads to break outs. Image-
Use a face mask 1-2 times a week// This will help exfoliate your skin and unclog your pores. Image-
Don’t over wash your face// If you wash your face too much you will be striping the natural oils from your skin. That’s what you want right?  Wrong. If you strip your skin from it’s natural oils it will go into overdrive producing more oils then before.                                            Image-
Remove all makeup before bed// Going to bed with makeup on will build up causing breakouts and clogged pores.                             Image-
Drink water// It is the best thing you could possibly do to help clear your skin. Image-

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