Packing More Efficiently

I know that if I don’t lay everything out and have a good structure for packing everything will fall apart. So today I have my tips for packing more efficiently.

Pack every outfit together

I have to pack outfits instead of a bunch of random items of clothing so that I don’t have to waste time throwing together random outfits during my vacation.


Image- Pintrest

Check the weather before packing

I know that I don’t do this very often but I should and will start. I have been in so many situations where I have brought all shorts when I really needed jeans and long pants, and so forth. This saves you from so much trouble.



Pack variety

What you think is an adorable outfit one day, you might think differently the next. And the weather can always change on you last minute. So pack variety.



Take your time

Taking your time to pack and fold will pay off in the future.



Make a list

Although this may seem like a waste of time it will be worth it making sure you don’t forget something.

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xx Jaiden Kai


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