15 Uses for Vaseline


1// Use as an eyebrow gel.

2// Use as a lib balm.

3// Mix with lipstick to create a cream blush.

4// Use as a facial moisturizer.

5// Use to help get your earrings in.

6// Put on eyelashes to improve their health.

7// Put on your feet then put on fuzzy socks for smooth feet in the morning.

8// Put around cuticles to prevent manicure mess ups.

9// Put on places you spray perfume to make your perfume last longer.

10// Place on split ends to make them appear healthy.

11// Use as a highlighter.

12// Put on ruff skin to smooth it.

13// Put on teeth before lipstick to prevent stains.

14// Use on nail polish lids to keep them from getting dried shut.

15// Helps to remove eyelash glue.


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