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10 Beauty Life Hacks

1// Use a Metallic Sharpie for nail art.


2// Keep makeup wipes by your bed so that at night you don’t feel too lazy get up and remove your makeup because they are just right there.


3// Color lid with white eyeshadow before applying color to make it pop.


4// Put a card behind your eyelashes so that when you apply mascara it doesn’t go on your skin.

eye lash card

5// Check your makeup in natural sunlight to see what it actually looks like.


6// If you want to wear glitter nail polish apply glue to your nail before so that you can just peel it off.


7// If your mascara has dried out put it in a cup of boiling water to save it.


8// To make your perfume last all day put it in these places, behind ear, inside wrist, behind knee, inside elbow, base of throat.


9// Dry your hair with a t-shirt for less frizz.


10// Apply white eyeshadow to inner eye to create a awake effect.


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