5 tips to Creating an Organized Workspace

FullSizeRender (12)

1.) A workspace needs to be a warm and welcoming space that makes you not necessarily exited to work but not upset that you have to work. I find that lights, flowers, and candles create that for me but some may like something more plain. Its all personal preference.

2.) Don’t ever clutter your workspace. You need to have space to work and coming to a cluttered workspace will most likely make your motivation drop.

3.) Have a plan for what you need to accomplish that day and set up your workspace for those things. For example maybe you need to take photos that day so set up your tripod, camera, lighting source, and the items you need to take pictures of the night before or day of to help keep you on track and help motivate you.

4.) Creating a comfortable workspace. I prefer to have natural lighting around my workspace it helps with focus, taking better pictures, and more. Others may focus more when a fan is running, or maybe even when listening to music.

5.) Having the right supplies on hand at all times. I have to have a notebook or paper, pencils, pens, and highlighters on hand at all times. Others may have jobs that call for something like a ruler or protractor. But having the correct items on hand at all times will help with stress and more time working than running around trying to find those items.


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