New Year more like New Week Resolutions.

Welcome to 2018!

About half of the world has declared that this year they will be losing weight, eating healthy, taking up a new sport or club, or even writing a book.

Now that we are about a week in to 2018 we are already finding that our resolutions are slowly slipping from our daily lives. Lets be honest how many of us have kept a new years resolution all year long. Not many. Am I right?

So here I present 5 ways to keep your new years resolutions all year!

1.) Keep them as goals or opportunities not as a strict resolution.

2.) Have a reasonable resolution. For example don’t pick going to the gym everyday if the closest one to you is 45 minutes away.

3.) Choose something you will enjoy doing and benefit from.

4.) Don’t give up on it even if you miss a week or so.

5.) Have fun with it! There will always be next year!


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