15 Blog Post Ideas

Now and then we all struggle on blog post ideas, for me it happens very often. So here I have 15 blog post ideas for you.

Blog Post Idea #1

Write an inspirational/motivational post about quotes, people, health, career, ect.

Blog Post Idea #2

Write a short story about anything you like or enjoy.

Blog Post Idea #3

Write about a crazy, scary, or funny event that has happend in your life.

Blog Post Idea #4

Write about you favorite items of that month or season.

Blog Post Idea #5

Write a review post on a specific item or items that you like or dislike.

Blog Post Idea #6

Write a how to on fun diys/crafts.

Blog Post Idea #7

Write a post on different life hacks.

Blog Post Idea #8

Write a post about your favorite bloggers/blog posts.

Blog Post Idea #9

Write about you favorite recipe and how to make it.

Blog Post Idea #10

Write a post all about advice on a topic you feel confident about.

Blog Post Idea #11

Up-cycle a piece of clothing and write about it.

Blog Post Idea #12

Write about your daily, morning, or night routine.

Blog Post Idea #13

Write a blog asking what your readers would like to see more of on your blog.

Blog Post Idea #14

Write about fun things to do around a specific area.

Blog Post Idea #15

Write a travel diary.


How to make Slime.

I am always late on these so called trends but the other day I tried to make slime not knowing that your contact solution needed to contain boric acid for it to work. So today I have two slime recipes that won’t leave you with a bunch of liquid mess but actual working slime.

-With Contact Solution-


1.) Elmer’s Glue 7.625 fluid oz.

2.) 1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda

3.) 2 Tablespoons of Contact Solution ( HAS TO CONTAIN BORIC ACID)

4.)  Food Coloring (Optional)

How To

1.) Mix Glue and Baking soday

2.) Mix Together Well

3.) Add Color of Choice

4.) Mix

5.) Add Contact Solution and Mix

6.) Knead with your Hands

-With Borax-


1.) Elmer’s Glue 7.625 fluid oz.

2.) 1 Tablespoon of Borax

3.) 4 oz. of Water

4.) Food Coloring (Optional)

How To

1.) Mix Together Glue and Coloring

2.) Dissolve Borax into Warm Water

3.) Mix Borax into Glue Mixture

4.) Knead with Hands.


Nail Polish Hacks

1// Use Ice Water to dry your nails in 3 minutes.


2// Use a bobby pin/toothpicks for a diy dotter tool.


3// Use oil spray to set your nail polish.


4// Use plastic wrap for a sponge to create a marble effect.


5// Line your nails with Vaseline before painting to easily remove mess ups.


6// Use metallic sharpies for nail art.


My 2017 Summer Must Haves

Hello everyone! Today I have 5 of my summer must haves. I hope you enjoy!

Xx- Jaiden Kai

Wet Brush


1// I have talked about this several times before but my wet brush which is a hair brush that can comb through your hair when it is wet or dry without creating damage is my favorite.

Yoga Sandals


2// My favorite pair of sandals are my yoga sandals. They are so comfortable, easy, and cute.



3//  My favorite summer hairstyles are styled with a bandanna. They are comfortable, cute, and easy to style.

Fresh Flowers


4// Fresh flowers always bring up my mood in summer. I love putting them around my room, and work space.

Old Navy Sunglasses


5// Old Navy Sunglasses are my favorite. They are good quality and super cute.

Motivation Monday

I think that this is such a great quote to incorporate into our lives. The world is not perfect and judging someone by the rough time in their life is not a habit we should develop. 

Xx- Jaiden Kai

Typical Breakfast


2 eggs 

Coconut butter

Cashew milk

I cracked and scrambled 2 eggs and added cashew milk to them. Then I put coconut butter on the pan before cooking the eggs.





5 Healthy Habits Everyone should Incorporate into their Daily Routine

1// Get enough sleep every night.


Image From- http://danielwilliams.me

2// Stand more than sitting throughout the day.


Image From- http://blog.humanscale.com

3// Stop drinking all sodas (diet included).


Image From- http://www.leanrunnerbean.com

4// Drink more water throughout the day.


Image From- Shutterstock.com

5// Cook the majority of your meals at home.


Image From- http://holistic-healthandwellness.com