15 Blog Post Ideas

Now and then we all struggle on blog post ideas, for me it happens very often. So here I have 15 blog post ideas for you.

Blog Post Idea #1

Write an inspirational/motivational post about quotes, people, health, career, ect.

Blog Post Idea #2

Write a short story about anything you like or enjoy.

Blog Post Idea #3

Write about a crazy, scary, or funny event that has happend in your life.

Blog Post Idea #4

Write about you favorite items of that month or season.

Blog Post Idea #5

Write a review post on a specific item or items that you like or dislike.

Blog Post Idea #6

Write a how to on fun diys/crafts.

Blog Post Idea #7

Write a post on different life hacks.

Blog Post Idea #8

Write a post about your favorite bloggers/blog posts.

Blog Post Idea #9

Write about you favorite recipe and how to make it.

Blog Post Idea #10

Write a post all about advice on a topic you feel confident about.

Blog Post Idea #11

Up-cycle a piece of clothing and write about it.

Blog Post Idea #12

Write about your daily, morning, or night routine.

Blog Post Idea #13

Write a blog asking what your readers would like to see more of on your blog.

Blog Post Idea #14

Write about fun things to do around a specific area.

Blog Post Idea #15

Write a travel diary.


My 2017 Summer Must Haves

Hello everyone! Today I have 5 of my summer must haves. I hope you enjoy!

Xx- Jaiden Kai

Wet Brush


1// I have talked about this several times before but my wet brush which is a hair brush that can comb through your hair when it is wet or dry without creating damage is my favorite.

Yoga Sandals


2// My favorite pair of sandals are my yoga sandals. They are so comfortable, easy, and cute.



3//  My favorite summer hairstyles are styled with a bandanna. They are comfortable, cute, and easy to style.

Fresh Flowers


4// Fresh flowers always bring up my mood in summer. I love putting them around my room, and work space.

Old Navy Sunglasses


5// Old Navy Sunglasses are my favorite. They are good quality and super cute.

Motivation Monday

I think that this is such a great quote to incorporate into our lives. The world is not perfect and judging someone by the rough time in their life is not a habit we should develop. 

Xx- Jaiden Kai

Typical Breakfast


2 eggs 

Coconut butter

Cashew milk

I cracked and scrambled 2 eggs and added cashew milk to them. Then I put coconut butter on the pan before cooking the eggs.





5 Healthy Habits Everyone should Incorporate into their Daily Routine

1// Get enough sleep every night.


Image From- http://danielwilliams.me

2// Stand more than sitting throughout the day.


Image From- http://blog.humanscale.com

3// Stop drinking all sodas (diet included).


Image From- http://www.leanrunnerbean.com

4// Drink more water throughout the day.


Image From- Shutterstock.com

5// Cook the majority of your meals at home.


Image From- http://holistic-healthandwellness.com


5 things to do this Summer

Image 1- http://www.travelandleisure.com

Image 2- www.outdoorproject.com

Image 3- http://www.seasoned.com

Image 4- http://thewirecutter.com

Image 5- https://rebel-performance.com