Motivation Monday


We are often stuck sitting on our dreams. Yes I can sit in bed all day long thinking of how cool it would be to do this or do that but its not going to get you anywhere. Crazy enough you actually have to get up and start to do something and put your dream into action for it to actually happen.

Not all dreams last, move quickly, or work out. But how are you going to know if you don’t try?

For instance I wanted to start a blog and have a sort of creative outlet I sat there and thought, and thought, and thought about it until finally I gathered up money I had been saving for the past 2-3 years bought a computer and finally started.

I am not sure if I’ll get anywhere with this blog but it is worth a try. So stop thinking about it and just jump to action.


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Love What You Do


As Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” I am so much more of a sports person than an artsy person. Yet for so many years I tried to force myself into the performing arts although I didn’t enjoy it and wasn’t honestly that good at it.

I did dance, singing lessons, acting auditions, and band. I could never remember the music, the dance routines, and was way too shy for my acting auditions. I was never enjoying myself. And to come to think of it now the reason I couldn’t improve, or match the others skills, or remember any moves was because I wasn’t truly enjoying myself.

This quote is so true because I have been playing volleyball for five years now and when I finally decided to give up on performing arts a couple of weeks into band last year I had decided to just keep going with volleyball. When the tryouts for school this year came around I often had the mind set of ¬†“this is going to be like everything else you have done and you will fail and be cut from the team.” Although I enjoyed what I was doing and who I was surrounded with that same mind set still floated through my mind.

But I ended up making the team! My team was very supportive of each other and every practice I was excited and motivated to play.

NEVER do anything you don’t enjoy, and NEVER give up on the things you do.

xx Jaiden Kai