15 Blog Post Ideas

Now and then we all struggle on blog post ideas, for me it happens very often. So here I have 15 blog post ideas for you.

Blog Post Idea #1

Write an inspirational/motivational post about quotes, people, health, career, ect.

Blog Post Idea #2

Write a short story about anything you like or enjoy.

Blog Post Idea #3

Write about a crazy, scary, or funny event that has happend in your life.

Blog Post Idea #4

Write about you favorite items of that month or season.

Blog Post Idea #5

Write a review post on a specific item or items that you like or dislike.

Blog Post Idea #6

Write a how to on fun diys/crafts.

Blog Post Idea #7

Write a post on different life hacks.

Blog Post Idea #8

Write a post about your favorite bloggers/blog posts.

Blog Post Idea #9

Write about you favorite recipe and how to make it.

Blog Post Idea #10

Write a post all about advice on a topic you feel confident about.

Blog Post Idea #11

Up-cycle a piece of clothing and write about it.

Blog Post Idea #12

Write about your daily, morning, or night routine.

Blog Post Idea #13

Write a blog asking what your readers would like to see more of on your blog.

Blog Post Idea #14

Write about fun things to do around a specific area.

Blog Post Idea #15

Write a travel diary.


5 Healthy Habits Everyone should Incorporate into their Daily Routine

1// Get enough sleep every night.


Image From- http://danielwilliams.me

2// Stand more than sitting throughout the day.


Image From- http://blog.humanscale.com

3// Stop drinking all sodas (diet included).


Image From- http://www.leanrunnerbean.com

4// Drink more water throughout the day.


Image From- Shutterstock.com

5// Cook the majority of your meals at home.


Image From- http://holistic-healthandwellness.com



“She has better clothes than me”, “They have a better phone than me”, “That person has more likes”…

These are just a few of the things we catch ourselves saying from time to time. But this only leads to a never ending dark nightmare that becomes reality and it’s called comparison.

Although you might think someone has a better this or a better that they might be thinking the exact same thing as you.

The mind has an odd and funny way of working. You can train your mind just as you can train your body. If you exercise your mind to compare than it will eventually do it automatically just as you can train to have better posture.

So simply not comparing yourself to others will train your mind to not exercise that part of your brain.

Take this into consideration the next time you catch yourself comparing you to others.


xx- Jaiden Kai

10 Beauty Life Hacks

1// Use a Metallic Sharpie for nail art.



2// Keep makeup wipes by your bed so that at night you don’t feel too lazy get up and remove your makeup because they are just right there.



3// Color lid with white eyeshadow before applying color to make it pop.



4// Put a card behind your eyelashes so that when you apply mascara it doesn’t go on your skin.

eye lash card


5// Check your makeup in natural sunlight to see what it actually looks like.



6// If you want to wear glitter nail polish apply glue to your nail before so that you can just peel it off.



7// If your mascara has dried out put it in a cup of boiling water to save it.



8// To make your perfume last all day put it in these places, behind ear, inside wrist, behind knee, inside elbow, base of throat.



9// Dry your hair with a t-shirt for less frizz.



10// Apply white eyeshadow to inner eye to create a awake effect.